The Island of Dreams


Windmills are one of the most characteristic and multi-photographed elements of Mykonos. Dating back to the early 15th century, and at the end of the 18th century, there were already 28 windmills on the island.

Little Venice

One of the most picturesque neighborhoods of Mykonos is Little Venice. The colorful balconies and the wooden "boutiques" are as if hanging over the sea. In Little Venice you will enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets in Greece!

Virgin Mary Paraportiani

Panagia Paraportiani consists of a complex of five churches. The four churches form the foundation of the building, and the fifth is the dome. According to tradition, the miraculous image was caught by a man in the navy in Samos.


Delos is a small island located west of Mykonos and is one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece. It was the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis and one of the most important economic centers of ancient past.




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