Aerides Villas

Mykonos is one of the most beautiful islands in the Aegean Sea, and as in all over Greece, there are plenty of sights worth visiting. Visit the museums of the island, windmills, small Venice, Virgin Mary Paraportiani and if you have time Delos.

the Aerides Villas is the perfect choice for your holidays in Mykonos. There are fully equipped luxury apartments that can accommodate up to 8 people, incredible views, private parking, breakfast and unique services and deals.

Mykonos also has an airport and a port. Domestic and international flights are made daily, especially during the summer months. The port of the island is connected with several ports in the country. Wherever you are, arriving in Mykonos it will be easy.

Aerides Villas is located in Choulakia, just 4 km from Mykonos Town, in the northern part of the island. The large, pebbly beach is of natural interest and is considered to be protected.

Check-in is usually available after 2pm, and the check out between 12: 00pm and 12:30 pm. For any clarification please contact us.

Mykonos has been one of the world's most popular entertainment destinations for years. On the island there are endless parties that start from the beaches and the beach bars and continue on the alleys. Mykonos offers guests hundreds of entertainment options according to your tastes. Restaurants, clubs, bars, cafes: everything you want, you will find it in plenty.

There are many things available for Mykonos visitors. Enjoy the dozens of beaches of the island, ideal for water sports and games, enjoy the nightlife, the rich gastronomy of the island and the picturesque alleys.

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